Friday, April 4, 2014

Springtime: Liberation Comes From Within

Springtime: Liberation Comes From Within

The calendar says it is spring. Looking outside you see snow and feel winds that chill you to the bone. So where is spring?

Maybe we need to turn our attention “inside” where the new possibilities wait for self-discovery and we need to liberate them from darkness so that they become the new beginnings.

Spring the Mystery of New Beginnings hiding inside, Nature’s time of change and a reminder that we too are called to undergo this transformation and to mirror it in our lives.

Spring is a time for renewal and self-discovery and a time to release old out-dated beliefs and life-styles. Why continue in this mind-set of emptiness, fragmentation, blame, shame, fear, rejection, unworthiness, capableness and powerlessness?  What can grow here? Moreover, these roots have lost their usefulness and it is time to dig them out!

What seeds of new beginnings will you plant to grow into your wonder and rebirth you?

Will you accept the call to co-create with Nature? Will you begin to awaken and honor that small voice that speaks within the silence of your heart? Will you believe in yourself and the power you hold as Master to transform your reality? Tarry no more! Mother Earth is calling you to plant your seeds in a world gone mad. Will you accept?

Wash in the springs of your living truth and put on your garment of self-acceptance. Walk again in your uniqueness and move towards the Light that dissipates the darkness. Come let us celebrate together Mother Earth’s birthing and our own.

Walk no more carrying the lies that others told you. Instead, embrace your own inner wisdom. Shed these beliefs and celebrate your freedom. You are of Divine origin living in a physical body. Honor the wonder of You.

Yes, you have experienced trauma that created emotional imbalances and your soul became lost in the belief that you were unworthy. Instead, know that you hold a world of possibilities. Begin again and again to reclaim your rightful place and grow in your uniqueness.

Viewing springtime as Nature’s cycle of transforming the old in you into the new gives birth to the process of becoming a fully realized human being. Here we are called again
and again to co-create with Nature and transform the old out-dated mind-set into new beginnings towards wholeness.
 May this poem rebirth your inner treasure.
Title “The Treasure” from my book:
The Treasure

Somewhere inside
Lies a treasure
Waiting to come forth
Somewhere buried inside
Waiting to become known
Somewhere inside
Hides a light
Something inside
Nudges it forth
No need to fear the night
It too guides the way
Something inside
Not outside
Is ready to emerge
Something inside calls
Come forth

~by Paricia R. Blumhagen~
  copy righted - all rights reserved
  posted PRB  4-04-2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Winter's Mystery-Time To Go Within-Spiritual Journeying"

"Winter's Mystery-Time To Go Within-Spiritual Journeying"

Tells the story of my poetic memoir while I traveled the road towards the odyssey of becoming.

This book holds 84 transformational poems and 90 photographs from" Nature's Healing Gallery" at:

This poetry gently asked, you, the reader: Who am I? What is the purpose of life? It calls, to open the door into the Divine Self, while, releasing fear and embracing freedom.

The poems and photographs convey to the reader that there is a way, even when none seems available, and to follow with fortitude the inner knowing that speaks within the heart.

Houstonic River in Sheffield, MA


Tuesday, December 10, 2013



Doorway to Winter


The seasons are changing and a new cycle of becoming is unfolding. Autumn's lessons of letting go opens the door into self-knowledge. Here we listen for the seeds of new beginnings and remain in the silence and emptiness of uncertainty. Winter's offers gifts in the darkness and bareness to discover the inner journey that leads towards wholeness. This journey requires courage and trust with a heart felt yes to grow to our fullest potential.


In our society today we separated the spiritual from the ordinary world. We lost our sense of Nature's unfolding motion and our connection to the quantum field. The material took the place of spirit and there is a inner longing for satisfaction that cannot be filled by having things.


We created from this separation: fragementation, disease, fear and war that adds greater separation from the spiritual and ordinary world. Bringing together harmony of these two worlds begins with an awareness that all is one. Every act of daily living is a connection to the sacred.


Whether, it be eating, sleeping, washing dishes, cleaning and cooking. Each one becomes the opportunities for uniting with the inner heart. Here is where we put the spiritual back into our everyday world.


We are spiritual beings living in a physical body. What a powerful concept! What prevents us from realizing this truth. Could it be our unconscious belief/s? You know, the chatter that runs around in our minds programed by language, society, religion, family, education and government. Could this be why it is so difficult to become a fully realized human being?


We are controlled by another interest. This is why it is so difficult to consider that I am a spiritual beings living in a physical body. We can joined spirit and the world into a new relationship of connection and oneness. Here we have the power to make our decisions and not be controlled by another interest getting us to perform in a certain way. Break out of the box and free yourself from this prison and learn what and who controls your motions.


Take some time to see yourself as more than your body. More than your mind. Image yourself filled with the power to transcend any situation that holds you bound. Now you changed your consciousness and are filled with creative energy of possibilities that create your reality.


Now you are a spiritual being living in a physical body.


It is not an easy task to give attention to our conditioning, but with self-knowledge one can transform the mundane into a vibrant spiritual lifestyle by realizing what is the root cause of the separation from spirit, and finding a way to balance a life worth living.


To Your Freedom,